About Brittany Bower

Since the world turned upside down at the beginning of the year, crafting has become my solace.

I have always wanted to be, and have tried to be, crafty. When I was younger, it was school projects. I tried crocheting but didn't get very far. I did learn how to hand sew and have continued to hone this ability since, even going so far as to make my own masks during this pandemic. But the things I attempted have never made anyone go "WOW!" until this year's worldwide Corona quarantine. While listening to a friend's podcast which reads a Harry Potter inspired fan-fiction, I ran across Deathly Hallows inspired wreaths in the house colors.

Thinking something similar might be fun to do for my own house, I showed the idea to my fiancé. Although he wasn't as keen on the Harry Potter idea, he still encouraged me to try my hand at it. While I will make one down the road for my own enjoyment, I decided to focus on my favorite holiday, Christmas!

Now that others have started to inquire about the availability of my projects, I have decided to post them all in one place. I hope you like them and if there is a theme you would like but don't see, send me an inquiry in the Contact page.