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Who makes the products?

All wreaths are made by me, Brittany Bower.  I hope you like them!

What kind of materials do you use?

I've just started this projects this year, so this will probably continue to grow and evolve.  But so far, most use a deco mesh base, while others have a garland or tinsel base, or strips of fabric.  They are then adorned with ribbons, an assortment of ornaments, bead garlands, and signs.  Each has its own theme and use some or all of the materials mentioned.

How do you come up with the ideas for your wreaths?

A lot of it started with Pinterest and Etsy, though none are duplicates of anything I've found.  Other ideas have come from supportive friends and family - I think some of them have just as much fun with it as I do!  I then take the ideas, go shopping and see what I find. Once I come back to my craft room, I see what happens.

Who do you ship through?

My normal go-to's are UPS and USPS (although I do not rule out FedEx as an option).  They both offer ground shipping (3-5 business days) at an economical price - a savings I then pass on to you as the customer!


What is your return policy?

Returns are not currently accepted, but if you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at, even before purchasing.  I want to make sure you enjoy your purchase as much as I enjoy making it.

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