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10 years ago, Chris outdid himself with my Valentine’s gift. I have to preface this with gifts for me are not about how much money they cost, but what kind of value they bring to my life or what meaning they have to them. With that said, his amazing Valentine’s gift was a box of pink velvet wrapped wooden clip hangers from a yard sale. It cost him $10 but it was something that I had been wanting, in the quality I wanted and in PINK! Everything else that I found was the plastic type like they have in the store that always gets tangled with whatever’s around it.

These have been amazing. With the wooden structure, they’re as thick as the metal clips, preventing them from getting tangled with other clothes and hangers. And sturdy enough to stand up to Chris or I pulling our clothes out of the clips instead of doing what we’re supposed to and using the clips properly. However, it has now been 10 years, and we have lost a few to normal wear and tear. So while I am not getting rid of my pink hangers, we do not have enough to manage both my Chris and I’s wardrobes, so it is time to get him some of his own and maybe a little less girly 😜.

I found the ones below on Amazon in the Mahogany color. They do have the wooden structure and and metal clips, but I can tell that mine are sturdier. But for $1.50 per hanger, we might be able to sacrifice a little quality and replace them more often. Makes me curious as to how much mine cost 10 (+) years ago though 🤔.

Chris’s new Hangers

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