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Breakfast at Tiffany’s

One of the best things about living in South Florida near the big cities is all of the amazing opportunities that arise! When Tiffany’s in New York announced it was opening an actual café where you could have “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” it ranked close to the very top of my bucket list! And while I have not yet made it to New York to experience the Blue Box Cafe, they did have a pop-up in Miami’s Design District for the months of December and January that Alia and I decided we had to see, with some Holly Golightly inspiration, so LBDs, pearls and gloves were a must!

Although I was expecting a perfectly curated Tiffany blue palette for everything, from the tables and chairs to the plates and napkins, Miami had to put its touch on it which included perfect pops of blush, and I was in heaven 👼.

We chose a table outside, because why would you sit inside when you can people watch? For as picky as I am about my coffee, the Tiffany Latte was on point and set the bar for the Egg and Cheese Sandwich. While a healthier option that the Butter Croissant I wanted in Holly Golightly fashion, it tasted as it. It started off well with tons of cheddar cheese wrapped inside fluffy eggs, topped with tomato and arugula inside a brioche bun, but it lacked flavor. Found out later, I should have asked for the garlic aioli sauce (tip for anyone else interested in trying at the next pop-up, hint hint Miami😉).

We couldn’t Breakfast at Tiffany’s without actually visiting Tiffany’s, now could we! So we took a stroll upstairs and found so much fun stuff! The hot pink stairs led to the 2nd floor with a mirrored hallway and a Neon Tiffany blue and pink sign that flowed into the bright jewelry store where we met Cici, who made us the once-in-a-lifetime offer to try on any Tiffany piece we liked. After perusing the store, I tried the classic Tiffany Heart Tag Necklace while Alia, with an eye for all things sparkly tried a gold and 12ct. diamond necklace worth $12K and a picture really is worth a 1,000 words!

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