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Dreaming in West Palm

On Labor Day, Chris made plans for us to go to lunch at The Breakers West Palm, a resort originally built by Henry Flagler. It has been one of my favorite hotels since I first found it and learned of its history. Growing up in the Keys, you learn all about Flagler and how his presence and railroad impacted South Florida. Seeing the places he built brings a piece of that history to life for me.

The drive up was perfect and relaxed, driving along the beach on A1A, and everyone was so gracious when we arrived and as we explored the grounds. It was just as beautiful as I had imagined and had seen in all of the pictures, and then some!!

Mediterranean Courtyard at The Breakers West Palm

We found the Seafood restaurant and promptly passed (Chris doesn’t eat seafood) and wandered over to The Italian Restaurant, which was closed and we plan to make another trip to try. Striking out for a second time, we checked out The Beach Club Restaurant, where we were told that non-guests can only dine at Seafood Bar, much to our dismay 😐.

Valet made up for the confusion, so with service recovered and views beyond expectations, Brunch at The Circle and dinner at The Italian Restaurant remain on the Bucket list for must dine at restaurants in South Florida….although we may have to wait a while due to Covid. At least we got to visit the resort!

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