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Mermaid Crossing

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

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I am so excited about my newest wreath!!!! Every time my friend and I go craft shopping, we have talked about wanting to make a mermaid wreath – it’s the theme for her daughter’s nursery, and with both of us having grown up mostly in the Florida Keys, the love of all things sea related is simply instilled in our DNA.

I had thought about finally making one for her daughter’s birthday last month in August, but I wasn’t able to get the concept to come together in time or decide on a style. Buying Little Mermaid fabric

Going shopping on my own, colors are always the biggest question, so I used the Little Mermaid as inspiration, sticking to purples and greens….and green just so happens to be her favorite color 😉. Christmas themed items being in some of the stores in town since July has been amazing and helped with this project, giving me idea of a mermaid ornament and also made possible the coral fan branch. Passing the Mermaid Crossing sign in the nautical section and the ombre scale ribbons in the sewing section just brought the whole idea together!

Mermaid Crossing Deco Mesh Wreath

This is the newest favorite amongst my girlfriends and I. Chris thinks it needs more embellishments…maybe Pearls

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