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My 1st Time Making Lasagna

I haven’t had homemade lasagna since I lived with mom and I miss it. So Chris thought I should try making it myself.

So far I have the hamburger cooked and noodles are boiling. Mozzarella cheese is sliced.



I added some of the sauce to the hamburger and put a thin layer on the first layer of noodles along with some of the cheese.


All of the layers have been assembled. Now for some tin foil to lock in the moisture and it’s time for the oven.


It came out looking and tasting like a lasagna so I think I did pretty good 🙂


Things to remember for next time…. For a lasagna that size, I probably only need to cook half the box of noodles, or I’ll end up with this again.


And straining them before I try to make the layers might help with avoiding my fingers getting burnt. Ouch!

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