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Southern Wedding

Any woman knows that while we do grow up and develop our own personal sense of style, our dads and grandpas never want to admit this fact. In their eyes, we will always be 8 years old and wanting another piggyback ride.

So, keeping this in mind, my cousin is getting married in a few shorts weeks and I haven’t seen my family in the past 3 years. In that time, I have done a LOT of growing up. I’ve dyed my hair blonde (which I had been wanting to do since I was 8 years old) to black and back to blonde, I’ve been to different parts of the world, and my sense of style has done a complete 180. I have gone from being a teenager to becoming a young woman.

So, when it came to picking out an outfit for the wedding, I was met with a few definite challenges. I had to find something my family would approve of (not too short and not showing too much cleavage), something that’s not too hot for Spring in Mississippi, something that’s not too long (the wedding’s down a back country road), not pink (the wedding’s color is David’s Bridal watermelon), but something that would still show off my personal sense of style.

To make things even more challenging, I had a few of my own personal preferences: it had to be something bright. I’m tired of seeing everyone in all these dark colors…it’s depressing. I needed corked wedged non-suede heels (it’s outside, it could rain, and if suede gets wet and muddy it’s ruined. Not to mention that I’m not a big fan of espadrilles – one snag and they’re done).

So, this is what my niece and I came up with….

Brittany Bower - Governor's Hall, Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, Akme, Michigan

Picture taken in the Governor’s Hall of the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa in Akme, Michigan

What do you think?

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